9 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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When It comes to clean and sharp appearance, clothing is the most important factor one should consider. Even in 2020, most guys and men are making horrendous fashion mistakes or style errors which is killing their style game. It does not matter if you are in the 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, you are never too old to improve your look and elevate your appearance.

Here in this blog, we are presenting the most common fashion mistakes men make these days.


1. Too tailored, too fit, too tight clothing

The reason most men want to wear tight clothes because they want to appear muscular or they think it would make them look slimmer. Now here is the hard fact, tailored fit never meant overly fit or too tight. Tailored or tapered clothes make you look sharp and sexy but too tight clothes make you look horrible. You need to understand this, your clothes should feel comfortable with you, you should have a range of motion. If you cannot breathe properly then it means it’s too tight.



2. Too many accessories

Accessories add a lot to your appearance and make a huge impact on your outlook but that does not mean you should pack yourself with too many accessories. Like you are wearing too many bracelets, hand bands, neckwear or ankle bracelets at the same time. When it is about accessories, less is always more.

If you want to spend on accessories, spend on watches and shades.



3. Not wearing a watch

If you go out and look around how many guys are putting on a watch then you would find not even 5%. That’s really good news for you though. Watches are the only accessories that never go out of fashion. It makes you stand different. If you are wearing a watch, you are automatically going to stand out and look like a stud. When going for a watch, make sure it’s not too thick. A watch should not be too big.

In 2020, slim watches are in fashion.



4. Puddling pants

In the most common fashion mistakes, this is the one men are making these days. Puddling or long pant makes you appear shorter than you really are and even covers your shoes. If you want to look taller, linear and sexier, get your trouser, jeans or pant tapered according to your height. It makes you look aesthetic.



5. Check patterned shirts

There was a time when check patterned shirts were considered to be stylish. It was way back in 2008-2012. Big checks, multicolor checks or weird looking checks are out of fashion now. So, what’s in fashion now? Subtle patterns or small patterns like this

Even if you want to wear a check-patterned shirt, go with subtle checks or small checks.



6. Big fat digital watches 

We have already mentioned, how crucial a role a watch plays when it comes to styling. Though picking the right suitable watch for yourself is the most important task. Now, the time has gone when big fat digital watches were in fashion. We used to get compliments after putting on those big watches. In this era of minimalism, you should go with slim watches.

If you want to wear a thick watch, pick yourself a metal watch or sporty analog watch.



7. Carrying too much stuff in your pocket

You look sexy as hell in your tailored fit jeans or trouser but then you carry too much crap in your pockets which ruins your look. The solution to this is that you can carry all those stuff in a good looking men cross bag which is ultimately an add on to your style. If you don’t want to carry a bag then you need to minimize the bulk from your pockets. Just have a look and find out what are you carrying that is of no use daily or things that are unnecessary in your pockets so that you can leave them home.



8. White socks

Never wear a white pair of socks. If you go with white socks then it’s probably the most distasteful thing you can do. The reason being, its contrast is too harsh both in color and in aesthetics. White socks are considered to be sports socks. If you want to put on white socks then wear them with white sneakers or while taking part in any sport. A simple rule for socks is, the color of your socks should match with your trousers or shoes.

You can pick colorful socks for you while wearing formal.



9. Practicality 

If you want to make your wardrobe, you need not spend a lot on clothes or buy too many outfits. Instead, you should buy a few clothes but make sure they are good in quality. Going for quality clothes might be a bit expensive but that’s worth it. Quality clothes won’t damage easily therefore they long last. Avoid buying yourself cheaper clothes for the sake of saving money because cheaper clothes are going to be damaged very easily anyway.

These are the most common fashion mistakes people do these days.

Be smart, buy a few good quality clothes instead of buying too many cheaper clothes.

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