Three Life lessons I have learned from this pandemic

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Before starting I would like to add that I am more of an introverted person and of course have social anxiety, and due to these reasons, I have never shared this kind of thought that has occurred through my mind with someone personally. So, I found that the best possible way of expressing my thoughts through articles. Hope you all enjoy reading and get some life insights from these life lessons.

This pandemic has left everyone vulnerable as nobody is safe both physically as well as mentally. This is worse than the previous year and many intellectuals are saying that conditions are going to get worse. Every day we are getting bad news from one place or another.
The news of life losses from our friends, family, and relatives has left all of us stunned and horrified. I myself have gone through two close losses that have shaken me from within.

Hope is all that we have now

But what we are missing here is that despite this pandemic is challenging and shattering our mental balance every moment, it also teaches us that we need to change our perspective of how we see our lives.
It edifies us that yes life is one hell of a rollercoaster ride but we need to tighten our seat-belt, be valorous and face the rush of air on our faces with both hands open.
So, here I am quoting some of the life lessons that I have learned and I am hoping that I will try to bring some changes in my life from these lessons and some changes in your life with this article.


1.Family is everything that matters at last.

From the word family, I mean to say the person whom you care about and those who care about you, whether they are your parents, your friends, your partner, your siblings or even a stranger with whom you have formed a bond.
In short, start living for those “who live with you even after your death”, if you know what I mean.
As we are witnessing presently that life does is a lie, and death is an unexpected truth. So why not live this lie to the fullest.
Start spending time with your loved ones, no matter how busy you are give a call to your parents, give them a reason to be happy once in a while.
Amend your mistakes and be ready to say sorry to your partner before it’s too late.
Life is unpredictable and pardon me for saying this but think of every moment as your last moment and then go on start living this last moment with your loved ones.


2.Stop living in the virtual world and jump back in the real life.

What most of us do when we are free is that we pick our phone start scrolling some memes page on FB or Instagram and after a while, we come across a meme or a news story on “ what is the color of the diaper that Kareena Kapoor’s son is wearing today”. And then in the next moment, we think what the hell We are doing with our life. We feel dead inside for a moment that we have wasted that much time in just scrolling bullshit. And this doesn’t stop here, it works in a loop. We feel bored for some time and we pick our phone again and the cycle continues.
I am not saying social media is bad, I am just saying that start doing things that make you feel alive, do some sort of things that you don’t have to regret later.
Chat with friends, play pubg with your companions(not to mention that it has been banned so wait for the Indian version or go for another game), start reading novels, learning musical instruments, whatever it is that kicks you hard and give you a feeling that yes you are doing something productive in you life.


3.Always have a plan B

Life is not as simple as it used to be before pandemics. Circumstances have changed and you need to buckle up yourself and face the challenges life is throwing at you.

So the question that arises is “how are we going to tackle these highs and lows of our life and what are going to do if we fail in these changing circumstances?”
The answer is always having a plan B

And as life is not going to stop its tantrum soon having a plan B is going to help you in a long run.
Someone had started his business but failed, many poor household that collected a meager amount of money for their better future has to migrate, many college students hoping for their final year placements and fun has to sit at home and the list goes on.
What this example shows us that life could take a harsh turn at any moment without giving a safety alarm and we can’t always have a foolproof plan to pass through it. So why not have a plan B instead.

There are many things that I have not shared as I thought that were not important. But I do hope that these three life lessons will have some positive impact on you and will certainly help you in having a different look at life from now a little bit.



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